In a Valley of White Gold, the gentlemen are indeed – Gentlemen.

There’s a couple of websites that I use when choosing my next fiction novel. One of them is Fantastic Fiction. Now, I’m not really sure how but Tony Parsons name came up and I managed to find Valley of the White Gold at my local library.


Thinking that I was in for a hot treat and willing to give any novel the benefit of the doubt – I got settled into the novel and it wasn’t until about 100 pages in that I realised that there was going to be very little action.

Oh how wrong I was. There was not a single steamy sex scene. Like, none.


Wanting to understand why I turned to faithful google to try and uncover more about the Author. Yes – OK, technically I could have read the Author bio from inside the cover – but that would be cheating. I don’t like reading blurbs and I don’t like reading author bio’s. After all – If I did that, I never would have read Mike Gayle – but that’s a story for another day.


The Half Moon Valley is not easy to farm, nor are its inhabitants easy to know. But the valley produces the best superfine merino wool in the country, and Dan Stafford is its top woolgrower.
Dan relies on his capable son, Jim, and his two eye-catching daughters, Bella and Beth, to help run the property. Now he is battling to retain its prize-winning status. When Bella marries and moves away, and the neighbouring property is sold to an outsider, Dan is unnerved. At least Beth seems content to remain on the land.
But Dan’s new woolclasser, the intriguing Rod Cameron, turns out to be more than Dan bargained for. With Rod on the scene, Dan’s status and Beth’s future are far from assured.

I came across an interview with Fiona Palmer and boy, did the bits fall into place. First of all, he’s recently turned 80 – well no that was in 2010 so maybe he is 86…

Second of all, he is a complete gentleman. If you are in your older years and struggling to rekindle that romance with your wife or wanting to court someone new, then you need only look to Tony Parsons to learn how to be the perfect gentleman.

The book itself is well-written and very knowledgeable about the Australian Outback and Kelpies – what would you expect from an Australian SheepDog Legend – but I really cannot stress how “gentleman-ly” this novel is. It is slow paced and predictable but a very welcome change from the fast-paced, bang-me-now style I’ve found so comforting.

Tony Parsons, OAM, is a bestselling writer of rural Australian novels. He is the author The Call of the High Country, Return to the High Country, Valley of the White Gold and Silver in the Sun. Tony has workeThe Valley of the White Gold.d as a sheep and wool classer, journalist, news editor, rural commentator, consultant to major agricultural companies and an award-winning breeder of animals and poultry. He also established ‘Karrawarra’, one of the top kelpie studs in Australia, and was awarded the Order of Australia Medal for his contribution to the propagation of the Australian kelpie. Tony lives with his wife near Toowoomba and maintains a keen interest in kelpie breeding.

Tony is currently a Penguin author with 7 books in total, 4 of them fiction. The book is… what you’d buy your mum, if you were unsure of her style and she needed it in large print.

I don’t even remember any memorable scenes…. however if you are tracking your reads on goodreads, you can find the link here.

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